Private label manufacture for hair care cosmetics products

An advanced Factory that combines the best technology, equipment, and production lines for product development According to international standards and high quality in accordance with the requirements of the Israeli Ministry of Health.

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From idea to product ONE STOP SHOP

Create your

Private Brand


At Pastel Cosmetics Laboratories Ltd. you can centralize all the production, filling, packaging, and shipping processes in one place, our experts will accompany you through all the processes and guide you step by step until you achieve the best result for safe success as performed with many customers around the world.

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New cosmetic product development

Product development from concept through development and research to production, filling and packaging your brand.


Welcome to Pastel Cosmetics Laboratories Ltd. leading producer of hair care cosmetics products for women and men customized using the Privet Label method.

During the last 20 years, we have developed unique formulas and production methods in order to provide the most advanced, reliable, and high-quality service in the cosmetics industry.

Whether you are looking for a haircare manufacturer for your own brand or a hair product manufacturer for developing a new product, our company offers a wide range of services in one site that is designed to satisfy your needs from concept through feasibility testing to graphic design, production, and delivery. Meet all your needs in order to provide your customers with the best products.


Your idea fulfills a dreams

All raw materials incorporated in the production process are supplied by companies with an international reputation and undergo inspection and quality control processes. The production process operates mostly with automatic, hermetic and clean filling to ensure the quality and durability of the final products.

Product development, production, testing and custom packaging of new unique formulas for each customer according to the requirements or use of our product database and formulas that we have developed and adapted to the latest trends and market requirements.

The service is customized for each customer using the many knowledge and resources we have accumulated over the years to help new businesses start or existing businesses get the best products and increase their product portfolio.


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